Global Grants Initiated in 2017-18

The following is a listing of Global Grants initiated in Rotary Year 2017-18

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DISTRICT 5330 17-18 Global Grants

Grant Nr Description CLUB 5330 Club Prim. Spon. Global Sponsor Club Pres. OK DDF Credit DDF Wanted for Grant RI Status 17-18 MOU/ 990/ Dues/ Traing RI Year Club 17-18 Global
GG1860952Malaysia Kidney Disease EducationPalm-SpringsYESCLUBYES$00CANCELED MOU - Global / Yes / Yes /Yes17-18Qualified
GG1861534Mobil Dental UnitSan-Bernardino-SunsetYESCLUBYES$7000 SUBMITTEDMOU - Global / Yes / Yes /Yes17-18Qualified
GG1863371Girls School SanitationSan-Bernardino-SunsetYESCLUBYES$2000 APPROVED MOU - Global / Yes / Yes /Yes17-18Qualified
GG1752843Welfare Clinic AjylounaSan-Bernardino-SunsetYESCLUBYES$4000VERIFIEDMOU - Global / Yes / Yes /Yes17-18Qualified
GG1863588Potable Water for impoverished areaRiverside-SunriseNOCLUBYES$353121469VERIFIEDMOU - Global / Yes / Yes /Yes17-18Qualified
GG1757227Improve Literacy rate in JaggaihpetSan-Bernardino-CrossroadsYESCLUB*NEED PRES VERIFY*$100000APPROVED MOU - Global / Yes / Yes /Yes17-18Qualified
GG1863514Women Education EmpowermentSan-Bernardino-CrossroadsYESCLUB*NEED PRES VERIFY*$100000 APPROVED MOU - Global / Yes / Yes /Yes17-18Qualified
GG1753381Pedagogical Use of IT educationSan-Bernardino-SunsetYES*DISTRICT**GRANT* NOT REGISTERED$80000APPROVED MOU - Global / Yes / Yes /Yes17-18Qualified
GG1876683Neurology for kidsSan-Bernardino-SunsetYESCLUBYES$1000 SUBMITTEDMOU - Global / Yes / Yes /Yes17-18Qualified
GG1746400Hospital Regional De UmuaramaPalm-DesertYESCLUB*GRANT NOT* REGISTERED$100000APPROVED MOU - Global / Yes / Yes /Yes17-18Qualified
GG1747730Care for children and young adults RedlandsYESCLUB*GRANT NOT* REGISTERED$0*DDF NOT* AUTHORIZED CANCELLEDMOU - District only / Yes / Yes /Yes17-18*NOT QUALIFIED*
GG1860583Kumasi Ghana Disability ProjectPalm-Springs-SunupYESCLUB*GRANT NOT* REGISTERED$0*DDF NOT* AUTHORIZEDDRAFTMOU - Global / Yes / Yes /Yes17-18Qualified
GG1864438Providing water to Ramlieh VillageSan-Bernardino-SunsetYESCLUB*GRANT NOT* REGISTERED$0*DDF NOT* AUTHORIZEDDRAFTMOU - Global / Yes / Yes /Yes17-18Qualified
GG1864576Basic education improvementSan-Bernardino-SunsetYESCLUB*GRANT NOT* REGISTERED$0*DDF NOT* AUTHORIZED APPROVED MOU - Global / Yes / Yes /Yes17-18Qualified
GG1866078Rotary Mobile Clinic Mother CareE-Club of World Peace D5330YES*DISTRICT**GRANT NOT* REGISTERED$0*DDF NOT* AUTHORIZEDDRAFTMOU - Global / Yes / Yes /Yes17-18Qualified
GG1865779Gallito Water preojectSan-BernardinoNOCLUB*CASH ONLY*$00APPROVED MOU - Global / Yes / Yes /Yes17-18Qualified
GG1752923Guatemala Literacy ProjectLa-QuintaNOCLUBYES$33740 APPROVED MOU - District only / Yes / Yes /Yes17-18*NOT QUALIFIED*
GG1873051Uganda Maternity Ward CompletionRialtoYESCLUBYES$356126439DRAFTMOU - Global / Yes / Yes /Yes17-18Qualified
GG1874952Ripples - Water Management in SchooPalm-SpringsYESCLUBYES$343926561DRAFTMOU - Global / Yes / Yes /Yes17-18Qualified
GG1873279Stacy Estrada Scholarship*District-5330YES*DISTRICT*YES$90000APPROVED No MOU / Yes / Yes /No17-18*NOT QUALIFIED*
GG1872520Ramya Cambell Scholarship*District-5330YES*DISTRICT**GRANT NOT* REGISTERED$90000APPROVEDNo MOU / Yes / Yes /No17-18*NOT QUALIFIED*
GG1876319Renal Dialysis Center ChennaiSan-Bernardino-SunsetYESCLUBYES$100000 SUBMITTEDMOU - Global / Yes / Yes /Yes17-18Qualified
GG1875364ZimbabweNorco/EastvaleYESCLUBYES$50000DRAFTMOU - Global / Yes / Yes /Yes17-18Qualified
GG1872403Wellness Center -Community HealthSan-Bernardino-CrossroadsNOCLUBYES$15003000DRAFTMOU - Global / Yes / Yes /Yes17-18Qualified