Introduction to Club/DDF/Grant Tables

Tables available on Club/DDF/Grant Tables Web Page (Click here for webpage with all the following Tables):

Click Links Below to display a specific table

You may sort a table alphabetically by column value by clicking on column title. Click once for ascending and again for descending. For example, click Share Tagged twice to bring all Tagged entries to the top in the table below.

You may expand a table display by selecting from the 'Show 10 entries' dropdown on the top left of a table. Use Search, top right, to search for a Club or Project such as a particular Grant number or Club Name.

Most tables have one or more links shown in blue such as in the Ref# column shown in several tables. Click these links for more detail.

Club DDF Balances/Status

- A listing of clubs showing DDF amounts, Qualification status and District Grant status

DISTRICT 5330 Global Grant Status

- List all Global Grants for District showing description, primary 5330 Club, Club Qualification status, total DDF credit, additional DDF needed

Global Grants looking for funding

- Global Grants registered on this website needing DDF

Project/Club DDF Summary

- List all DDF Transfers from 2013 forward showing project/grant, amount and club. Links will display details

DDF Admin Adjustments

- List all DDF adjustments made by sire Administrator

List of DDF Transfers needing Club President approval